Tips To Impress Your Interviewer

If you think studying the entire history of the company in the ‘About Us’ page, then say goodbye to your job. Interviewers do not appreciate parrots who repeat each and every word on the website. It shows mere disinterest in doing proper research on the company, going through its recent projects, challenges faced, success achieved etc. The impression you set at the interview will be the strongest impression and this will lie in the board’s minds forever. The last thing you need is to overdo it and lose your job. So here are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when going for your interview.

Work on your appearance

A well groomed candidate showcases professionalism. This does not mean you need to wear a RM Williams womens clothing pant or any other branded apparel. It simply means wearing what you have, in a neat and tidy way. Choose a light colour shirt with black or brown pants with a matching belt and shoes. For ladies, a knee length skirt or office pants with a shirt would be fine. Ensure you don’t wear a skirt that is too short, showing excess cleavage. Comb your hair properly, adding a simple set of jewellery and minimal makeup.

Be confident

Confidence is a major factor that all employers look for. From the moment you walk in and shake hands, your employer must have built a good 50% of his impression on you, judging on the walk and your ritemate in Pilbara. You need to walk in confidently, and pay attention to the shake hand. A shake hand is a powerful way to express your confidence. Two or three firm shakes will let your employer know you are not here to kid around, rather get down to business. Do not offer a sweaty palm to the panel. If you do sweat a lot, keep a handkerchief, clean your palms well and go in. You need to be serious about your job. Do not take the interview as a casual meeting, where you try to become too friendly.

Be enthusiastic

No employer would want to hire someone who doesn’t need the job. If they feel even slightly that you are not interested in the job, they would simply offer it to someone else with no second thought. Hence you need to carry a positive attitude when you walk in. A smile can go a long way so don’t forget to be pleasant with the panel. Sell yourself well and make them want to hire you.