Types Of Wooden Flooring

In flooring, wooden floors are the most elegant. They give the feel of a true luxury and great taste. If you want to give your floor a “wow” looks then nothing can do it better than a wooden floor. But the wooden floor also has its drawback, as wood is an expensive material, so laying the wooden floor will be heavy on pocket. Also, wood needs continuous care and polishing to maintain its shine. Not every wood is suitable for all type of locations. So, whenever you will be choosing the wooden floor, you need to look into detail before making a decision. As there is a lot of variety available in wooden flooring Auckland, some are;

Maple Wood

Maple wood is the most common and popular wood for flooring. Maple wood has a grain textured finish which gives the natural look to your floor. If you prefer the traditional look of your floor, then maple wood is for you. Durability is the first reason for the popularity of maple wooden flooring. It is suitable for heavy traffic areas like livings room, corridors etc. But as it’s a hardwood, so it has a less porous surface, so it will be difficult to absorb the stains. So, if you want maple wood then you need to keep it away from stains. 


Ash is also very popular wood because of it one of the hardest woods. So, if you are looking for ultimate durability and wood that can withstand a lot of loads, then your answer is Ashwood. But ash wood is expensive as compared to other hardwood but in the longer run, it pays you back. 

Oak wood

Oak wood is durable and also popular for its elegant finish. Also, oak comes in a variety of colours, so it means that you can have an oak floor in all of your houses with every room having different floor laying Auckland colour. It also has high resistance against wear and tear.

Walnut wood

Walnut has a distinctive dark colour. They are perfect if you want to give your floor contemporary and traditional wood. It is very durable and perfect for heavy traffic area. But it is also one of the expensive woods in the market.


Rosewood is durable woods with a wide range of colours available. It has grain texture which provides the sleek look to your floor. If you have rosewood furniture in the room, why don’t appreciate it by having the same wood on the floor? 


Mahogany is favourite for designers as it truly gives elegance and classy look to your floor. The good thing about mahogany that it improves it’s finishing with time but comes with a high price tag.